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7 Reasons To Choose Choose Duramat Garage Floor Tiles Over Epoxy Resin Or Floor Paint

Choose PVC Tiles Over Damaged Garage Floor Paint | Duramat UK

Considering a floor surface that will save maintenance, repairs and repeat coating? Choose Duramat interlocking PVC or rubber flooring tiles to save time and money.

Here are the main 7 reasons why Duramat garage floor tiles outperform other types of floor surface coating applications:

  1. Minimal Disruption

    If you are considering a resin or painted floor solution then prepare for significant disruption to your business and closure to your premises for a period of days. Duramat PVC tiles can avoid this hefty inconvenience as they they can be installed quickly with minimal moving of equipment, often around the day-to-day workings of a busy business. In most cases access to the premises can continue during fitting with tiled areas ready for use straight away.

  2. Minimal Preparation

    Coating with resin or paint, you’ll need to prepare fully, the existing surface before self levelling compounds and final coating can begin. Duramat interlocking PVC floor tiles can be laid and installed directly on top of an existing floor time consuming preparation. No need to fully prep, just sweep and lay on a flat surface. This eliminates the risk of damaging existing surface with no sealing, membranes or filling required.

  3. Speedy Custom Changes

    Resin and paint floor finishes require time consuming efforts to re-do or change, while modular floor tiles can be easily re-arranged to suit design requirements. Any damaged tiles are easy to remove and replace using simple tools as needed. Customise layouts and combine colours, replace damaged tiles easily with DIY self fit, extend areas quickly by adding more tiles.

The London Electric Vehicle Company - Duramat UK Garage Flooring
The London Electric Vehicle Company - Duramat UK Garage Flooring
  1. Surface Protection

    Duramat performs best when fitted loose lay and without adhesive this allows installing a new and improved floor without sticky glue or chemicals. A leased building will have restrictions, so if needed to protect a concrete subfloor Duramat interlocking PVC floor is the ideal flooring solution. If the time comes to move on, the tiles are portable thus leaving the original building floor undamaged – no exit issues with landlord.

  2. Recyclable & Sustainable

    Resin and Epoxy coatings use harmful odorous chemicals to increase their longevity. Re-painting or coating this type of floor will require stripping burning off and discarding, which can pollute the environment. Duramat is made from fully recyclable PVC, reducing the need for landfill, plus it can serve as a useful sub-floor or underlay for your next project.

  3. Insulation & Energy Saving

    Duramat garage floor tiles can vastly reduce heating bills and improve insulation in cold environments. In some cases, customers have reported an improvement in heat and noise insulation by up to 30%.

  4. Man Cave Themed Interior

    Duramat interlocking PVC floor tiles can be themed in suit custom requirements, Easy to design and printed in your choice of logos or designs even coloured in special finishes, matching other themed furniture or hardwear which is all interchangeable to fit future trends. Transform your home or workspace today with our interlocking PVC garage tiles!

Transform your garage flooring today with Duramat UK. Check out the range of DuraTile™ garage floor tiles from Duramat UK at or call 01206 390570 to speak to a sales advisor who will make sure you get the right flooring for your needs.

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