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Attention To Detail – Duramat Garage Flooring Doing The Business For Car Detailers Window Film Centre Ipswich

DuraStud™ PVC Garage Floor Tiles 50cm Black | Duramat UK

Remember the first time? ‘The first scratch hurts the most’ is something most of us can identify with when it comes to car ownership – it’s also a point well made by the Window Film Centre based in Ipswich who specialise in vehicle paint protection films, helping to prevent that nauseating first-scratch feeling.

Who wouldn’t be interested in protecting their vehicle against rocks, road debris and sand with year-round protection? The application of this long-lasting, self-healing and very shiny film is a specialised and highly-skilled job that requires an almost clinical working environment – a cracking and crumbling industrial unit floor definitely doesn’t cut it! But that’s what the Window Film Centre found themselves dealing with – and that’s where Duramat’s durable, interlocking Coinflex garage flooring comes in.

Company Director, Niels Hansen, explains:

“The Coinflex tiles are doing a great job for us in the workshop, they’re tough enough to handle our vehicle lift, cope well with the wet that’s part of the paint protection film application process. They are prone to twisting a little when moving the steering of stationary super-car, with their huge tyre contact patches, but that’s far better than them tearing or pulling retaining adhesive from the floor, they just keep bouncing back and looking great.”

It seems that Niels’ protective films and Duramat’s Coinflex tiles have quite a bit in common; whatever you throw at them, they’re both durable enough to keep going while looking great!


If you’d like to find out more about protecting the paintwork on your pride and joy, visit or give Window Film Centre a call on 01473 272600.

And if you’d like a great looking, hard-wearing, easy to install and clean garage or workshop floor for yourself or your business, visit or call 01206 390570.