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Convert Your Shed Space Or Garage To Home Gym With GymGuard™ Rubber Gym Flooring

GymGuard™ Rubber Flooring Gym Shed | Duramat UK

Looking to convert your shed or small space into a home gym? We’ve got the perfect rubber gym flooring for you!

Throughout lockdown, gym goers and fitness freaks have had to find creative ways to get their workouts done at home. For many, turning unused or cluttered spaces at home into multi-purpose workout zones is the ultimate goal.

We’ve seen some great examples of the home gym in the garden, shed gym, utility room gym and garage gym. Not forgetting the lounge for those workouts in front of the TV.

For the shed or garage gym, users required a floor tile that performs well under tools and equipment but also provides good flexibility and support for floor based workouts and lifting equipment. Duramat UK have the perfect shed or garage gym flooring solution with GymGuard™ solid rubber gym mats.

GymGuard™ is made from natural rubber so it is not only tough but flexible and comfortable for all workout types. It can also support heavy gym lifting equipment and light vehicles, such as bikes and trailers. Available in 50cm or 100cm sizes, the GymGuard™ rubber gym tiles is easy to install and requires minimal floor preparation. Simply lay the tiles down and connect the interlocking edges. Straight side and corner ramps complete the look!

Rubber Gym Flooring – GymGuard™

Our best-selling rubber floor tiles are the perfect solution for garage gym flooring and permanent home workout areas. Extremely durable and flexible, these interlocking rubber gym tiles can take a real pounding. Perfect for heavy-duty gym equipment, multi-gym apparatus, free-weights and more and available in 100cm and 50cm sizes.

Key Features

Gripped Surface

The amoebic pattern top surface creates a reassuring grip for better performance on the floor when lifting weights or exercising.

Interlocking Edges

The modular interlocking edge system makes GymGuard™ rubber floor tiles simple to lay on flat floor surfaces with little or no preparation.

Studded Base

Underneath, GymGuard™ rubber floor tiles feature a robust studded pattern, for enhanced floor stability, essential for any multi-purpose gym area.

Sustainable Materials

All our black rubber floor tiles, ramps and accessories are environmentally friendly and made from recycled sustainable rubber materials.

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