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Duramat DuraStud™ Floor Tiles Perform Come Rain Or Shine (Supply) Vehicle Detailing

Duramat DuraStud™ Floor Tiles Perform Come Rain Or Shine (Supply) Vehicle Detailing

Referrals are considered ‘gold’ in any line of business – whenever a new customer comes along following a personal recommendation from an existing customer you know you must be doing something right! That’s how we came to meet Mike Sivyer from Shine Supply, a Vehicle Detailing business based in Ipswich.

For anyone who isn’t sure, vehicle detailing, as described on Mike’s website is “the process of thoroughly cleaning, restoring and finishing a vehicle’s exterior and interior. Cleaning and polishing every accessible part and applying the correct and relevant protection where applicable”.

Having seen Mike and his guys at work on the McLaren supercar shown in the photos, it’s apparent that the above description is a bit lacking – it lacks reference to the immense level of skill, attention to detail and commitment to achieving a perfect finish that is required to deliver the end result, time after time.

There’s plenty more evidence of that high level of attention to detail throughout Mike’s pristine working environment too – from the incredibly tidy and clutter free workshop, to the excellent lighting and plain distraction free walls. And now there’s the addition of the Coinflex flooring to the area of the workshop used for applying a super hard-wearing ceramic protective coating to clients’ vehicles. That area is dominated by the scissor lift used to raise cars to working height and facilitate removal of the wheels for that really thorough clean. Mike’s lift is rated at 3 tonnes – a load that the Coinflex tiles take in their stride.


Mike chose DuraStud™ interlocking floor tiles on recommendation:

“They provide a tough but great looking workshop floor that’s easy to clean and consistent with the overall look and feel of our working environment.”

Coinflex tiles also provide insulation from the cold concrete floors typically found in industrial units, and an altogether more slip-resistant and comfortable surface to work on. When asked for his thoughts on the new flooring, Mike’s answer that he’s considering extending the tiled area to cover the rest of the painted concrete floor in his workshop seems to say it all.

He also likes the idea of adding the Shine Supply logo to his flooring using Duramat’s custom printing service for a truly unique floor that will fully represent his brand. We’ll be sure to catch up with Mike again for some more photos when those thoughts become a reality!

If you’d like to find out more about taking the appearance of your vehicle to the next level – and protecting that appearance for the longer-term, visit or give Shine Supply a call on 01473 620055.

And if you’d like a great looking, simple to install, hard-wearing and easy to clean garage or workshop floor for yourself or your business, or call 01206 390570.