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From Pig Pen To Ferrari Den: Duramat UK PVC Tiles Don’t Muck About In Outhouse Garage Conversion

We all have grand plans for our perfect garage set-up at home, but when rally enthusiast and motor-mad John Walker from North Herefordshire looked into a new space for his workshop, his options were unusual to say the least. Seeking to create a better garage and workshop environment for his rally car and old Ferrari 308, and having the luxury of some old outbuildings to consider, he decided to sacrifice his beloved old pigsty for the job.

Preparing the place wasn’t an easy task – stubborn concrete structures forming pens, feed and drinking containers required some significant reworking if the space was going to work as a garage. Removing the concrete structures left a solid base pock-marked with the scars of demolition – it was clear a new garage flooring surface was needed.

Working in the construction industry, John’s first thought was to screed the floor – a common way to seal the floor with a resin paint, which can produce a great finish if done right. However, after researching various garage paint solutions and processes, the screed floor option turned out to be rather expensive. This led John to look into other garage flooring options.

After a quick Google search, John discovered PVC floor tiles as a popular garage flooring solution. However, finding the right quality amongst the plethora of options presented another challenge. He didn’t want to end up with a low-grade floor tile that would cut up under some heavy motor parts or need replacing after a few years. Fortunately, he then discovered Duramat UK and arranged for some samples.

Rally Car on Duramat Checker Plate PVC Tiles

Impressed with the quality and design of the interlocking PVC checker plate tiles from Duramat, he quickly calculated his area, the number of tiles needed and had no hesitation in placing his order. The tiles arrived promptly and he set to work laying out the tiles and planning his floor area.

Duramat’s Checker 50 interlocking floor tiles gave me a great looking floor that’s robust enough to cover the underlying damage to the original concrete floor – it was quick and easy to lay and proved to be more cost effective than any of the alternative solutions I investigated.

Sadly, John doesn’t keep pigs any more, but the grunt of his old V8 Ferrari 308 with 240 horsepower can be heard for miles and his new floor tiles make his garage a prize winner in our opinion!

Checker Plate 50cm PVC vinyl garage floor tiles by Duramat UK are available to buy online at or by calling 01206 390 570.

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