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Renault Restoration Gets The Hurry Up With Go Faster Garage Flooring From Duramat UK

If you’ve worked on the underside of a car without access to a pit or lift – and who hasn’t – you’ll know that it can be a fairly inhospitable place. And if you’ve taken on a major underbody repair or full restoration you’ll know that you can be down there for a very time long indeed.

Adam Clark – midway through restoring his iconic 80’s Renault 5 GT Turbo – knows all about the demotivating effect of having work to on the underside of his car during winter, knowing that his concrete garage floor will be a reliably hard, cold and uncomfortable place to be.

Adam’s enthusiasm for his project was going cold, just like his garage floor – but he knew that there must be an answer.

“I had recently started removing the rear axle, laying on the cold concrete floor in my garage in freezing cold weather. It’s at that point I started to avoid doing any work that involved laying under the car, really slowing my project. Then after seeing a photos of similar restorations online I noticed they had garage floor tiles and infrared heaters.

So Adam researched the best quality tiles for the money and came across a few recommendations for Duramat’s Garage Floor Tiles. After speaking to Duramat, he decided it was time to make the garage more comfortable and warmer so that he could crack on with the restoration.

”The interlocking PVC DiscPlate tiles that I chose were simple to cut and fit – I had the floor down in in my 6m x 4m garage in around 4 hours.”

Since installing the mats, Adam notes he has spent more time cracking on with the car and is more than happy with throwing himself around on the floor ticking off jobs on the to do list – and they look pretty cool too!

We look forward to seeing some real progress now that Adam is fully motivated by his go faster garage flooring – you can follow his project on his blog here:

Duramat’s Disc Plate 50cm PVC vinyl garage floor tiles – available in black, grey, white, red and yellow so that you can create your own unique garage floor design – are available to buy online at or by calling 01206 390 570.
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