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Size Matters: When A 50cm Interlocking PVC Floor Tile Is Not 50cm

Picture: We get our measuring tape out in the office.

Measuring Up

Calculating how many interlocking 50cm PVC tiles you need for your garage flooring should be straight forward, right? With 4 tiles per square metre, a standard 6m by 4m garage floor area would require 96 tiles to cover completely. 12 tiles long by 8 tiles wide, right? Think again. We measured a selection of PVC floor tiles, sold online in the UK, and found almost all of them to be under the advertised 50cm. In some cases tiles measured under 47cm.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

So what’s a couple of centimetres between friends you ask? A fair point, but if you think about the 6m x 4m garage floor, a 47cm tile just doesn’t cover it (pun intended). Assuming you wanted to completely cover the garage floor, you would need an extra tile for the whole length and width of the area. That’s an extra 20 tiles! Which, in some places is over £100 – not to mention the inconvenience and additional delivery charge!

“Duramat UK is the only producer in the UK to make genuine 50cm interlocking PVC tiles.”

That’s right, we’ve looked, we’ve measured up and we’re alone. Duramat UK are the only producer of interlocking PVC garage floor tiles to make genuine 50cm tiles. So go ahead, measure up and be assured that what you need is what you receive. Assuming you’ve done your sums right of course!

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