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Vented Garage Floor Tiles

Our Vented Flooring range is not just an excellent choice for your garage, it’s also the detailers and valeters favourite. Specially designed for superior durability and impressive liquid drainage, our vented floor tiles are your reliable ally in maintaining a clean and high-performing environment in any car garage or pit zone.

Superior Material

Duramat Vented Flooring Tiles are expertly crafted from high-quality polypropylene (PP). This guarantees not only a sturdy tile that stands up to daily wear and tear but also a light, easily installed flooring solution.

Impressive Design

Taking a leaf from prominent brands such as RibTrax and SwissTrax, our vented tiles feature a unique ribbed design that facilitates rapid and efficient drainage. This smart design allows dirt, oil, and liquid to pass through the tile, simplifying the cleaning process and preserving the pristine appearance of your workspace.

Robust Load Bearing

Our vented flooring tiles are designed to withstand high loads, making them a perfect fit for high-spec garages, performance specialists, vehicle detailers, valeters, or car pit zones. The tiles’ remarkable load-bearing ability ensures that they can effortlessly handle heavy equipment, cars, and a high amount of foot traffic.

Quick and Easy Installation

Our vented floor tiles come with a snap-lock interlocking system, making them incredibly easy to install on flat floor surfaces. The tiles require minimal to no preparation, allowing you to transform your garage floor in no time.

To give your space a seamless, finished look, we offer ramped edges and corners that blend perfectly with our vented tiles.

Upgrade Your Garage with Duramat

At Duramat, we take pride in offering top-tier, practical, and aesthetically pleasing garage flooring solutions. Our Vented Flooring tiles are an embodiment of our commitment to providing products that not only look great but also last.

Take the first step towards creating a resilient and clean garage environment by choosing our vented floor tiles. Browse our range, pick the best fit for your garage, and experience the Duramat difference today!